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How It Works

It’s Quick, Easy and Absolutely Free! 
Get Extra Cash Today – Sell Extra Diabetes Testing Strips
How It Works
Don’t let your extra diabetes testing supplies go to waste. Sell diabetes testing supplies for cash, Strip Flip will purchase your extra diabetic testing supplies for cash. We will make sure that other diabetics with no medical insurance or low incomes get access to the supplies they need. This is a real win-win!
Place an Order
Use the easy product sell page to estimate the payment you will receive from Strip Flip. Enter the details of your supplies. Be sure to look at the list of acceptable diabetic testing supplies to confirm we can accept yours. All supplies must be unopened and unexpired. Use a marker to cross out your personally identifying information.
Offering Free Shipping On All Items Sent To Us!
By selling your diabetic supplies to us, you will never have to pay for shipping to mail your test strips to us. There are a few ways to receive free shipping. You can print our prepaid emailed shipping label, request a shipping kit, or have us reimburse your postage. Please review our shipping guidelines below to help us reduce shipping costs.

It’s So Quick You have three options to send your diabetes testing supplies to us:
⦁    You receive an emailed prepaid shipping label that you print out yourself. 
⦁    You receive a free, postage-paid shipping kit in the mail. A priority (upgraded) box, a prepaid peel and stick label, and detailed instructions are included. 
⦁    You ship your package without waiting for us and we reimburse your postage.
It often takes 3 to 5 days for the post office to get your free shipping kit to you. Emailed labels are sent the same day.
Choose your favorite option, and send your supplies. 
Request a Box:
Submit your order on the order page and at checkout you can choose for us to send you a box that you attach your prepaid shipping label to.
What’s Inside Our Kit? A priority box, a prepaid peel and stick label and detailed instructions. Kits are mailed daily and take 3 to 5 days to reach you. 
Request Emailed Label:
Submit your order and at checkout you can choose for us to email you a prepaid shipping label.  As long as you have a printer and a good sturdy box.
You will also receive the same forms as what you would receive in the kit.
Ship Yourself:
If you don't want to wait, Then you can simply ship the items yourself and we will reimburse 100% of your shipping costs.  This will be added to your total payment.

We offer free shipping as a convenience to our sellers. Please help us keep shipping costs down by reviewing our shipping guidelines. Please follow the below guidelines.
Mail Your Supplies to Strip Flip

Please, NEVER ship lancets or needles unless they are inside of a sealed box. Lancet caps can fall off during shipment and could poke the mail carrier or our staff.  
We do not accept orders that consist of only lancets.  When an order is only lancets the shipping cost is to high.  We will gladly accept lancets as long as there is other product to ship with it.
When Packaging your items be sure to add bubble wrap, plastic bags, tissue, etc.,  in order to protect the items while in transit. (The postal carriers have no clue what is inside the box and sometimes treat them as balls or something of no value).
If using your own box to send supplies please use a good sturdy box to prevent damage if the box does get dropped.
It’s Quick, Easy and Absolutely Free! 
Choose A Payment Method
Choose which way you want to get paid. Most of our repeat sellers prefer to be paid instantly by PayPal, but we can also mail you a check/money order or try to accommodate your payment method of choice.
Check/Money Order by Priority Mail with tracking notification via email ($7 deducted from check)
Check/Money Order Overnight ($29.99 deducted from check)
Check/Money Order No Tracking (No Fee) Please allow 7-10 days to receive payment

Walmart to Walmart (Less then $8.00 Fee and gets you paid within 24 hours)

Gift Cards (No Fee and we can send you redemption code through email or send the cards to you directly)
Other - We will do our best to pay with any method that your request

Why Sell Diabetic Testing Supplies to Strip Flip?
We care. We care about 3 things:
1.    We care about diabetics who need access to affordable diabetic testing supplies. Your diabetic test strips are offered to people who cannot afford to pay full price for supplies. We sell them at a discount and even donate some supplies. We want to help ensure everyone has access to the supplies they need to manage their diabetes.
2.    We care that you are fairly compensated for your testing supplies. At Strip Flip we will communicate with you every step of the way. We will also assure you prompt payments and the best prices.
3.    We care about our reputation. Strip Flip plans to be here to help another day. We know that our reputation with our sellers is vital to our existence, so we protect our reputation. We protect our reputation by dealing promptly, honestly and transparently with everyone.

Don’t let your unused, unneeded test strips go to waste. Someone else in the diabetic community needs them.
Fast, easy and absolutely FREE.
Get started now. Sell your diabetic test strips for cash, today.



Strip Flip wants to give back!  We are now accepting expired/opened test strips to donate to the USO!  Any brand is accepted and it does not need to be in a box.  You can simply place them in a bag and ship.  We will send any donated items to a refinery to have the small amount of metal taken out of the test strips.  All the money then will be donated to the USO!  The USO is a top military support organization that supports military service members and military families.  The USO Relies on Donations to Help Support Service Members and Their Families!

Offering Pre-Pay after 3 successful transactions we will pay in advance for your shipment.  (This option is only available with the payment type of PayPal)

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